Join A Virtual Rehearsal!

Join A Virtual Rehearsal!

If any child , grades 3- 12 would like to join, the rehearsal is every Thursday from 4:00 -5:00.PM.  Read the information on the website, or simply email back to [email protected] to sign up with your email, listing your name and your grade.

JOIN ABC BELCANTO VIRTUAL CHOIR!  Kristen Hill our Presto conductor as well as Veronica John our Vivace/Bravo conductor have been busy thinking of ways to connect with you all.  Take a look at the one we’ve recorded as ABC Bel Canto VIRTUAL CHOIR!  This first “concert” is available via this link.

Some of our present choristers took part by singing a piece , called Small Voices. Each of the choristers recorded  themselves while singing their part piece and sent  it to her. She then combined  all the singers together into a Virtual Choir and made a video of it to post for  everyone to see and hear!

We are CONTINUING TO HAVE VIRTUAL ABC rehearsals on Thursdays, at 4:00PM by meeting online to continue making music together! Email Miss Hill here for details.

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