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Come into the music... Contact Laura Biddle at (716) 440-6783.

ABC Bel Canto Choir’s mission is to develop within the children of Western New York a love of high-quality choral music through performance.  The choristers learn new skills to become better musicians, and develop confidence in their singing techniques!

ABC nurtures artistry, discipline, teamwork and self-expression so students can enjoy meeting and working with choristers from many different schools throughout the Buffalo, NY area.  Choristers experience a variety of music and experience musical growth in their many special concert performances in varied venues.

Each of the three choirs of Amherst Bel Canto sings a variety of material.  The songs range from medieval chants to present day folk songs, from Bach to jazz.  We sing in French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Swahili – and we sing in English!  The repertoire varies from year to year so that each year the performers can learn new techniques in singing and in choral literature.

Make New Friends“I would like to thank each and every one of you for so thoroughly teaching my daughter and the other children the theory, the practice and the joy of music. [My daughter] considers herself a a person with a good voice; [her classmate] has no hesitation in presenting himself in front of group and doing what makes him wonderful and happy, and [one of their other friends] fashions himself a young new choral director, just like Mrs. Allen. Bel Canto was so worth it for the children. Selfishly, it was so worth it for myself as a parent as well. I wouldn’t trade in the car rides and the conversation and the concerts and the children’s pride in their accomplishment for anything in the world.”  – Patricia Kirst, Presto Parent


We are delighted to announce that we still have some openings available in each of our choirs! Please email us here for more information!





Contact Laura Biddle at (716) 440-6783.


Tuition Information

PRESTO: $275 / VIVACE: $325 / BRAVO: $275 / VIVACE & BRAVO: $350
~ and ~
$25 Uniform/Music FEE for first-time members

50% is Due June 1st  |  Balance is Due August 27th

Tuition covers music, folders, T-shirts, conductors, accompanists, guest artists, insurance, practice space rental, among many other necessary things! We try to keep our tuition low compared to other activities kids can participate in outside of school, and we do this with the help of many parent volunteers.

Have FunThe Uniform/Music Fee only needs to be paid once by each singer. This is a non-refundable, one-time fee to join the group.

Financial Aid for tuition is also granted by application to all those that qualify. Aid is determined on a sliding scale (anywhere from 1%-92% of tuition) using a mathematical formula based on the one for Federal School Lunch funding. There is no limit to the number of students who may receive aid in any given year.

All Financial Aid requests, applications and decisions are kept strictly confidential.

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