Latest News On ABC Choir

Latest News On ABC Choir

Our Virtual Choir

The sound of children singing “Small Voices” (Jim Papoulis) in the ABC Bel Canto Virtual Choir, conducted by Kristen Hill, reminds us all of the power of music.

View the virtual choir of “Small Voices” (Papoulis)

Now, more than ever, children need the chance to express their feelings through music. Information about the ABC Bel Canto Choirs, as well as information on how to join for their next season – which may be live or may be virtual – can be found on our website.

Have You Missed Rehearsals?
Are You Interested in Joining ABC Choirs?

We are CONTINUING TO HAVE VIRTUAL ABC rehearsals on Thursdays, at 4:00PM by meeting online to continue making music together! Email Miss Hill here for details.

Fun During These Times

Since April, ABC Bel Canto choirs have continued regularly scheduled rehearsals via the internet, and attendance is very high! The children’s parents tell us they are so grateful that their children can look forward to our rehearsal, as it is one of the bright spots of their day. This is the time when they can do what they love most: to sing and to connect, together. We encourage more singers to join our rehearsals!

New Members

As always, we ask all of our present choristers to help spread the word about Bel Canto choirs. If you aren’t a member now or know someone who might like to be a member, please explore the possibilities by reviewing our website further and/or contact Miss Hill by email or Ms. Sue Fay Allen, Executive Director by phone 716-759-6428 or email.


We haven’t yet firmed up plans, and of course depending on health considerations, but we hope to meet you all in the summer to rehearse some new and old pieces and perform a concert. Some of you will be graduating from one choir to another, and we want to honor our Seniors with a nice reception. This will also be a time for potential new members to experience the fun we have while singing together. Check out the website under Join Us.

Look Forward to the 20-21 Season

Each of us wants you to know that we, the staff of Bel Canto, appreciate your sharing of your voices, your kindness to each other, and of course your participation in Bel Canto. We have some great memories of this year, and providing it is safe, look forward to seeing each of YOU for the start of our 20-21 Season, when we will sing stronger than ever!

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